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2017-2018 Evaluations and Team Placement Process

Evaluation Process:
All Players are evaluated over 2 Sessions.     During the first session players will be evaluated on Skills, during the second session players will participate in a scrimmage and are evaluated on game play and decision making. These evaluations are conducted by an outside party.  This year we will be using High Skills Hockey, Bob Ware, to conduct our evaluations and assemble a set of scores for each player.

All Players are expected to attend both sessions at the time scheduled.    We will be breaking players up by level in two sessions and the families will be notified as we get closer to the evaluation date.   If for some reason you cannot make the session you are assigned to you MUST contact Angela Mosscrop, at .  Please DO NOT show up at the wrong time if you haven’t made prior arrangements.

If for some reason your child is sick during the evaluation period or you cannot make it due to a scheduling conflict please contact Angela Mosscrop.   Do not attempt to bring a sick child to the sessions, your child will still be evaluated.  What happens in this case is the scores for the 1 night they attend becomes the score.     The difference is players who have attended both sessions have a score which is the AVERAGE of the two nights.    

Players should plan to arrive 30 minutes before the sessions begin.  Upon arrival you will need to check in on BOTH nights to pick up a Pinney.    All players are required to have registered online BEFORE the first session begins and must arrive with the $200 evaluation fee.

Coaches Evaluations
Current Crusaders Youth Hockey (CYH) players have another component of their overall evaluation score.    All coaches conduct an online evaluation of each player on their team.   This evaluation scores the kids on the following:


Forward Skating Backward Skating
Puck Handling Shooting and Passing
Overall Offensive Impact Overall Defensive Impact
Aggressiveness and Hustle Game Sense/Decision Making
Practice Commitment and Effort Overall Attitude

In addition to these categories the coaches will provide commentary on each player related to the season.  The coaches will rank the kids on the team.  The coaches evaluation is a critical component of the overall player record as they are with the kids the whole season.

Team Placements
All scores are assembled by player and presented to the placement committee as follows:

  • Score Night 1
  • Score Night 2
  • Average Score which is the primary score
  • Average Coaches Score
  • Coaches Comments

The placement committee will place teams based on all this information.    Team sizes are determined after the evaluations are conducted and we have the total number of players per level.   If the player is not a current CYH player we have no other reference information on that player which is okay.  Their evaluation session scores are the primary scores.

It is important for our members to know that placement on a team the former season does not guarantee placement on the same level team the following season.  As an example if your child is 1 level player this season and doesn't make the 1 level team the following year it is not necessarily a reflection on their abilities it is a reflection on the talent pool we have to work with for the next season.   The goal of CYH is to provide a competitive environment for all their members and place teams accordingly.   

We do have to stress there is no guarantee there will be team movements if we have too many players elect to play in another program.    The challenge for the placement committee is managing through the withdrawal period and having to shuffle players around after families have made their final decisions on where their child will play.

Questions on evaluations or the placement process can be directed to the CYH Player Representative, Lee Holbrook  or CYH President, Neal Archibald